Recruitment has struggled to keep up with the pace of change

Until now.

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CIRCLE Insight is our recruitment & selection methodology and platform. 


This gets to the heart of what a great hire looks like for your business. We go further than simply knowledge and skills. We assess the behaviours that create a match between what the business is looking for and what the candidate needs to thrive.

Attitude AND aptitude


Online Collaborative Platform

No more endless searching through your inbox to find emails with CVs and job descriptions attached. No more waiting for everyone to. be in one place to discuss the candidates.


Candidate profiles and everything you need in one place. Key stakeholders can leave comments on the platform for the rest of the team to see.

Behavioural Fit Assessments

Don't rely just on a CV and interview questions. This only outlines what skills and experience someone has. This doesn't give any indication of how they will behave once they're in the role.


A behavioural fit means you get the right kind of person and they get the right job. The results are a motivated and engaged member of the team who is in for the long haul. 

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Video Interviewing

Ever spent time interviewing candidates that you know almost immediately aren't right? That's time you and all the other stakeholders could have been focusing on something else.


The CIRCLE Insight platform provides video introductions and video interviewing meaning you can get a much better impression of a candidate BEFORE inviting them in for stage 1. 

Key Competency Benchmarking

Don't wait until the interview to get to the bottom of the skills and competencies you need most.


CIRCLE Insight incorporates a bank of key competencies and questions that you can choose from. This allows you to compare each candidate on the competencies you most need for the role. We can also add bespoke questions 



From: Director, Engineering Firm

Role: PA to the Board

“Elle understood the challenge of recruiting for a new business along with meeting the culture and values of the organisation. Throughout the process, Elle has been in constant communication with us and candidates with a high degree of professionalism whilst keeping the personal touch and the all-important sense of humour.”


If you'd like to see how the CIRCLE Insight platform and methodology works, just let us know below.

We can also provide you with a free job survey that outlines the behavioural profile for a role you might be looking to recruit for now or in the future.


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